BEST OF BREED 2011 ARBA CONVENTION YOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simons’ Ritz- 3 1/2 months!

Hi and Welcome to Simons’ Netherland Dwarfs Online. I am Cole Simons a youth breeder located in Owatonna, MN. I currently run about 50 holes of Netherland Dwarfs and recently added a small herd of Mini Lops. I strive for perfection in my herd to make each generation better. This is a great lifetime hobby! I give much thanks for the great friendship with my bunny partners Amanda O’Gorman and Becky Stock of HiTail Rabbitry in Iowa.

Contact Info:

Cole Simons

Owatonna, MN


I started breeding rabbits in the summer of 2007. I got a great start in rabbits getting some very nice dwarfs from Emma Hanson. I acquired a great chestnut buck GC Em’s Remy. He was a very special rabbit who will always be remember here who I ended up having to put down due to an injury in spring of 2009.

In spring 2009 I added some amazing stock to my herd which included Rogers’ Luscious, CN’s Arsenal, Harmony’s Schumann which greatly impacted my herd. These animals have made many BIS winners and national winning/ placing rabbits. In the summer of 2009 I added another great little guy to my herd! GC Lil Bit Farm’s Kodiak! A black otter sr buck who know has 25 legs 10 BIS/RIS. He is very special one who i have been close to ever since I bought him from Melanie Price and LeAnne Caraway. He gave me my very first BIS’s/RIS’s.

Which sorta leads me to now! I had a great time attending Dwarf Nationals 2010 and did great! Simons’ Wild Thing was BOG Agouti in Youth and to boot the next couple weekends he got 4 BIS’s and he is now a retired show buck and his outstanding type will be formed around my rabbitry as his offspring are turning out to be awesome! I am very excited for Convention in Minnesota this fall. A goal of mine is to get a 3rd generation national winner which leads back to Rogers’ Luscious. So we will see 😀

Fall/Winter of 2010 has been great! There has been lots of babies in both dwarfs and mini lops! I have started to put some new young rabbits on the table which has lead to great success! Cant wait to see some of these as seniors. I have three great little bucks that I can’t wait to start using in my breeding program: Simons’ Powerball- chestnut buck, Simons’ Wild N’ Crazy- chestnut buck, and Simons’ Jinx- black otter buck. Some of these havent been on the tables yet and probably wont be out until spring. I also had a great opportunity to have 3 dwarfs imported from Theo Jansen in Holland. So welcome to my barn Rabbiminimus 0LB-504(Black Silver marten buck), Rabbiminimus 0LB-317(Black Silver Marten buck), and Rabbiminimus OLB-501(black doe)! I had a pretty good showing at ARBA Convention also winning BOSG Tan pattern with an otter jr doe Simons’ Rita also BOV, BOSV, and BjOV Chocolates. The rest were molting;) Im sure we all know how that goes! Watch the variety pages for many jr’s to be added and pictures. Happy Holidays!

Lines include: Bond’s, Rabbiminimus, Coin/Nelson